Learn more about expanded Child Tax Credit payments

As of July 15th, monthly Child Tax Credit Payments of up to $300 per child have begun hitting the bank accounts and mailboxes of Granite State families. This was a result of the expansion of the CTC in the American Rescue Plan - the COVID-19 relief legislation we passed in March.

This significant tax relief will have tangible benefits for the First District:

  • First District families will receive an average benefit of $2,400.

  • 77.5% of children will benefit from the expanded and improved Child Tax Credit.

  • The expanded Child Tax Credit will lift 4,500 children out of poverty.

We need to be looking out for the youngest members of our communities, and the expanded CTC will help Granite State families provide a good standard of living for their kids.

Click here to learn more about the expanded Child Tax Credit.

Not sure if you qualify? You can check your eligibility for the expanded CTC here.