Share your prescription drug cost stories

When I travel around New Hampshire asking constituents what's on their minds, there's no topic more urgent or more personal, than combating the skyrocketing cost of prescription drugs. I've heard from a senior who is unable to retire because his life is dependent on drugs that cost $3,000 a month out of pocket. I've heard from a mother who shares a painful chronic condition with her daughter and has to decide every month whose prescription to fill because she can't fill both on her fixed income. 

I was proud to support H.R. 3, legislation which makes historic reforms to drive down to costs of prescription drugs while expanding and strengthening Medicare – and I urge my colleagues in the Senate to put this to a vote and send it to President Trump’s desk for his signature. America is counting on us. 

Personal stories are one of the most powerful tools we have to make real, meaningful change like H.R. 3 happen. Will you share your story about the impacts of the cost of prescription drugs on your life?