House Passes Three Amendments Congressman Pappas Introduced to support PFAS Research, Strengthen NH’s Economy, and Support the Armed Services

June 19, 2019
Press Release

Today the House passed the first appropriations package for fiscal year 2020 which included three amendments Congressman Pappas introduced to expand research on the impacts of PFAS contamination, strengthen our regional economy, and support our Army’s Back-packable Communications Intelligence System technology.

“After entering office during the longest shutdown in our nation’s history, I am pleased the House passed the year’s first appropriations package which includes several amendments I introduced,” said Congressman Pappas. “These provisions will go a long way in helping us understand the health implications of PFAS contamination on New Hampshire families and strengthen our Armed Forces by increasing funding for critical research and development. Furthermore, the amendment I introduced alongside Congresswoman Kuster will support the development of our regional economy in a rapidly changing global marketplace. I remain committed to ensuring that New Hampshire’s priorities are heard in the House’s ongoing appropriations process. 

Congressman Pappas’s amendments were passed as part of H.R. 2740, the first package of appropriations bills for fiscal year 2020. His amendments secured the following additional funds: 

  • $2 million for the study and analysis of PFOS and PFOA, bringing the total federal funding for FY 2020 to $15 million
  • $3 million for the Northern Border Regional Commission, bringing the total federal funding for FY 2020 to $25 million
  • $2.5 million to support the Army’s continued development of Back-packable Communications Intelligence System technology