Community Project Funding

Community Project Funding allows local governments and qualified non-profits to receive a one-time, small to medium-sized allocation to complete projects of local importance and priority. All funds will be limited to state and local governments and nonprofits that carry out quasi-government functions. For-profit institutions, such as private companies, will not be eligible for funding. As your Member of Congress, Representative Pappas is committed to advocating for these and other federal appropriations of importance to the First District.

Community Project Funds will not increase overall spending levels. The funds are also limited to smaller amounts, targeted to local communities and select nonprofits.

The use of Community Project Funding has bipartisan support in Congress, with both House Democrats and Republicans supporting a transparent process as a way to target funds to projects that make sense for the district. New Hampshire has a long history of using these funds. Over fiscal years 2008, 2009, and 2010, both Republican and Democratic members of New Hampshire’s Congressional delegation made community project funding requests which resulted in more than $491,000,000 in federal funding to benefit New Hampshire communities. Find that historical data here.

Eligible Accounts by Subcommittee

Descriptions of eligible accounts can be found here.

Agriculture, Rural Development, Food and Drug Administration

  • Agricultural Research Service, Buildings and Facilities 

  • Rural Development, Rural Community Facility Grants 

  • Rural Utilities Service, ReConnect Grants

Commerce, Justice, Science (CJS)

  • Byrne Justice Assistance Grants 

  • COPS Technology and Equipment 

  • NOAA – Operations, Research, and Facilities 

  • NASA – Safety, Security, and Mission Services


  • Research, Development, Test & Evaluation Army 

  • Research, Development, Test & Evaluation Navy 

  • Research, Development, Test & Evaluation Air Force 

  • Research, Development, Test & Evaluation Space Force 

  • Research, Development, Test & Evaluation Defense-Wide

Energy and Water Development

  • Corps of Engineers: Investigations 

  • Corps of Engineers: Construction 

  • Corps of Engineers: Mississippi River and Tributaries  

  • Corps of Engineers: Operation and Maintenance 

  • Bureau of Reclamation: Water and Related Resources 

Financial Services and General Government (FSGG)

  • Small Business Administration, Small Business Initiatives   

Homeland Security

  • Pre-Disaster Mitigation Grants  

  • Nonprofit Security Grants 

  • Emergency Operations Center Grants

Interior and Environment

  • Federal land acquisitions through the Land and Water Conservation Fund

  • EPA State and Tribal Assistance Grants for certain water infrastructure projects

  • Certain State and Private Forestry projects within the U.S. Forest Service

Labor, Health and Human Services, Education (LHHS)

  • Dept. of Labor—Employment and Training Administration—Training and Employment Services 

  • HHS —Health Resources and Services Administration

  • HHS —Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration—Health Surveillance and Program Support 

  • Dept. of Education—Innovation and Improvement 

  • Dept. of Education—Higher Education

Military Construction, Veterans Affairs (MilCon/VA)

  • Army 

  • Navy and Marine Corps 

  • Air Force 

  • Defense-Wide 

  • Army National Guard 

  • Air National Guard 

  • Army Reserve 

  • Navy Reserve 

  • Air Force Reserve

Transportation, and Housing and Urban Development (THUD)

  • Dept. of Transportation – Local Transportation Priorities 

  • Dept. of Transportation – Airport Improvement Program (AIP)  

  • Dept. of HUD – Economic Development Initiative (EDI)

Community Advisory Board

To welcome input from First District constituents, Congressman Pappas assembled a five-member Community Advisory Board (CAB) to review and vet all Community Project Funding requests. This bipartisan group of community leaders reviewed all project requests, held public meetings to hear about the community impact of each project, and provided their feedback to Congressman Pappas on each project.

Their final report can be viewed here.

The Community Advisory Board included 

George Bald, Somersworth

George Bald was elected Mayor of the City of Somersworth in 1978, the youngest Mayor in the City’s history at 27 years old. After leaving Somersworth, he began the Economic Development department for the City of Rochester. In 1994, he began his duties as Economic Development Director for the Pease Development Authority. In 1998, Governor Jeanne Shaheen appointed George as Commissioner of the Department of Resources and Economic Development for the State of New Hampshire. In May 2004, he was appointed Executive Director of the Pease Development Authority, overseeing the continuing development of the 3,000-acre business park/airport. In 2006, Governor John Lynch appointed George for a second time as Commissioner of the Department of Resources & Economic Development. George, a U.S. Navy veteran, retired in 2012. Currently, he serves as chair of the Lakeshore Redevelopment Planning Commission.

Theresa Kennett, Conway

Theresa Kennett has lived and worked in the Mt. Washington Valley for 40 years. Prior to retirement, Theresa was an advocate for affordable housing, instrumental in developing a framework for a public transportation system in Carroll County, and establishing a drug prevention and wellness program of activities for the Conway School District. In addition to her professional commitments, Theresa has a long history of community service, including membership on the Conway School Board, Conway Board of Selectmen, Conway Police Commission, Memorial Hospital Board of Directors, and several non-profit boards.

Rick Russman, Kingston

Former Republican State Senator Russman's career of public service spanned over 35 years serving District 19 for over 10 years in the NH legislature. During his tenure, Rick served as Chairman of the Senate Environmental Committee working on legislation that protects New Hampshire’s clean air and clean water. After practicing law in the Exeter area for 32 years, Rick retired in 2004. Rick remains involved with the Society for the Protection of N.H. Forests, Southeast Land Trust, and Friends of Kingston Open Space. He is also co-founder of the National Caucus of Environmental Legislators.

Valerie Rochon, Hampton

Valerie Rochon is the President and Chief Collaborator of the Chamber Collaborative of Greater Portsmouth NH, leading an organization that serves close to 800 members of the business community to build economic vitality in the greater Portsmouth area. Her background is in non-profit management and destination marketing, both domestically and internationally.

Kevin Clougherty, Manchester

Kevin Clougherty began his career in Manchester as a senior member of the team that successfully developed and implemented one of the first capital improvement programs (CIP) in the country. In 1985, he was appointed the State of New Hampshire’s first-ever Chief Deputy State Treasurer. In 1989, Kevin became the Chief Financial Officer of Manchester. He remained in that position for the next twenty years during which time his office oversaw the development of numerous major capital projects. In 2008, Kevin served as Commissioner of Revenue for the State of New Hampshire. Today, Kevin is an Intermittent Advisor for the United States Treasury Department, Office of Technical Assistance, working to improve budget/liquidity/ cash management operations in Ukraine, Myanmar, Afghanistan and Uganda. 

Projects Requested

Sponsor:        Town of Barrington

Name of Project:    Barrington Town Offices and Emergency Operations Center Construction

Location:        333 Calef Highway, Barrington, NH 03825

Amount Requested:    $500,000

Subcommittee:    THUD: Economic Development Initiatives

Project Description:    This funding will be used to support the cost of construction for a new 

Town Hall and Emergency Operations Center.

Signed Disclosure 


Sponsor:        Community Health Access Network

Name of Project:    Health Information Technology

Location:        207A South Main Street, Newmarket, NH 03857

Amount Requested:    $700,000

Subcommittee:    HHS: Health Resources and Service Administration

Project Description:    The funding would be used to transition to a new health information 

technology infrastructure so that community health centers would be able 

to confront significant challenges and improve upon population health.

Signed Disclosure


Sponsor:        Town of Exeter

Name of Project:    Exeter Squamscott River Sewer Siphons

Location:        10 Front Street, Exeter, NH 03833

Amount Requested:    $600,000

Subcommittee:    EPA: STAG

Project Description:    This funding will be used for emergency repairs to address failing sewer 

siphons that run under the Squamscott River.

Signed Disclosure


Sponsor:        Manchester Police Department    

Name of Project:    Manchester Gunshot Recognition Technology

Location:        405 Valley Street, Manchester, NH 03101

Amount Requested:    $300,000

Subcommittee:    THUD: Airport Improvement Program

Project Description:    This funding would be used for the Manchester Police Department to 

acquire and implement Gunshot Recognition Technology.

Signed Disclosure


Sponsor:        Pease Development Authority    

Name of Project:    Portsmouth International Airport Taxiways

Location:        36 Airline Avenue, Portsmouth, NH 03801

Amount Requested:    $1,800,000

Subcommittee:    THUD: Airport Improvement Program

Project Description:    This funding would be used for the removal and replacement of concrete 

installed on a taxiway in 1956, which will enhance airfield safety and 


Signed Disclosure


Sponsor:        City of Portsmouth

Name of Project:    Little Bay Waterline Replacement

Location:        680 Peverly Hill Road, Portsmouth, NH 03801

Amount Requested:    $600,000

Subcommittee:    EPA: STAG

Project Description:    This funding would be used for the replacement of a 60 year old water 

line that runs under the Little Bay and connects the water supply 

originating at the Water Treatment Facility in Madbury with the rest of the 

water system. This will impact the communities of Portsmouth, Newington, Greenland, New Castle and portions of Rye, Dover, Durham and Madbury.

Signed Disclosure


Sponsor:        Town of Sandwich

Name of Project:    Sandwich Broadband ReConnect Project

Location:        PO Box 194, Sandwich, NH 03227

Amount Requested:    $2,200,000

Subcommittee:    Ag: ReConnect Program

Project Description:    This funding would be used building a broadband network, using fiber-optic 

technology, in the Town of Sandwich, a hilly and heavily forested community in Carroll County.

Signed Disclosure  


Sponsor:        City of Somersworth

Name of Project:    Somersworth Fire Training Tower

Location:        One Government Way, Somersworth, NH 03878

Amount Requested:    $120,000

Subcommittee:    THUD: Economic Development Initiatives

Project Description:    This funding would be used to build a training tower at the Somersworth 

Fire Department to provide a safe and dynamic location for practicing 

aerial ladder truck and ground ladder operations. 

Signed Disclosure   


Sponsor:        Strafford County Sheriff’s Department

Name of Project:    Strafford County Sheriff Radio Systems

Location:        259 Country Farm Road, Suite 105, Dover, NH 03820

Amount Requested:    $751,601

Subcommittee:    Justice: COPS - Technology and Equipment

Project Description:    This funding would be used to establish a 4 channel P25 interoperable 

two way radio system, performing mission critical Dispatch Console 

Upgrades, creating a new Broadband IP Microwave Backhaul to improve 

County Wide Law Enforcement communications abilities, and establishing 

a new Fire, EMS, and Emergency Management County Wide Radio 

System that currently does not exist in Strafford County. 

Signed Disclosure    


Sponsor:        YWCA

Name of Project:    ACERT Program Expansion

Location:        72 Concord Street, Manchester, NH 03101

Amount Requested:    $750,000

Subcommittee:    HHS: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

Project Description:    The funding would be used to enhance trauma-informed training for law 

enforcement and first responders to ensure they can respond to children 

who have experienced trauma, strengthen the ACERT infrastructure, 

provide more ongoing support for traumatized families and access to a 

database for closed-loop referrals to services to increase the number of 

children experiencing trauma who receive evidence-based mental health 

services, and accommodate increasing demand for evidence-based, 

trauma-informed mental health services.

Signed Disclosure