Rep. Pappas Joins Bipartisan Vote to Impeach President Trump Following Deadly Insurrection at U.S. Capitol

January 13, 2021
Press Release

Congressman Chris Pappas (NH-01) released the following statement after the bipartisan vote in the House to impeach President Donald J. Trump:

“One week ago today, a mob armed with guns, zip ties, Molotov cocktails, and the intention of stopping the certification of a democratic election stormed the U.S. Capitol as the world looked on in shock and disbelief,” said Congressman Pappas.  “They ransacked a branch of government, intent on disrupting the Democratic process, taking members of Congress hostage, and causing unprecedented chaos and fear. They were inspired and incited to do so by President Trump.”

“When asked what kind of government America had, Benjamin Franklin once answered ‘A republic, if you can keep it.’ Today, Republicans and Democrats alike joined together to do our part to keep our democratic republic by impeaching a President who has so profoundly failed to protect and defend our constitution and our democratic institutions. I did not come to Congress to impeach a President, but today I have no choice. I will not turn a blind eye to what we witnessed one week ago by President Trump, his supporters, and his enablers in Congress, as that would be an abdication of the oath I swore to uphold.”

“This is not about politics. This is about stabilizing our country, ensuring accountability, and showing the world who we really are. America belongs to all of us, and if we are going to get back to the business of the people by delivering additional COVID-19 relief, rebuilding our economy, and bolstering our vaccine distribution efforts, we must act decisively and without regard for politics to hold this dangerous President accountable and defend the pillars of our democracy.”