House Passes Sweeping Climate Legislation with Kuster, Pappas Provision Included

May 2, 2019
Press Release

Washington, D.C. – Today, Congressman Chris Pappas voted for the passage of the Climate Action Now Act, which ensures the United States honors commitments made in the Paris Climate Agreement and develops detailed plans to combat rising global temperatures.

Congressman Chris Pappas and Congressman Annie Kuster successfully added an amendment that requires the Administration’s report to encompass the impact of the Paris Agreement on clean energy job development in rural communities.

“The withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord, and the failure to combat rising global temperatures, is a mistake with catastrophic implications,” said Congressman Pappas. “As sea levels rise and storms worsen, communities across New Hampshire know the cost of inaction is too high. I am glad the House is taking bold action to usher in a clean energy economy and thankful my colleagues supported our amendment which will help support green jobs in our state.” 

HR 9, or the Climate Action Now Act, would prohibit any federal funds from being used to take any action to advance the withdrawal of the U.S. from the landmark Paris Climate Accord. It also calls on the President to develop and make public a plan for how the United States will meet our commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Despite the President’s unilateral declaration withdrawing the United States from the Paris Climate Accord, Congress must continue to develop and pass bold solutions to the climate crisis so that we do not take any additional steps backward.