With White House Poised to Return to Negotiating Table, Pappas Urges Round-the-Clock Effort to Get a Bipartisan COVID-19 Deal

October 9, 2020
Press Release

Today, Congressman Chris Pappas (NH-01) urged the White House and Congressional negotiators to do whatever is necessary to get a compromise, bipartisan deal on a COVID-19 response package done for the American people as soon as possible. 

Pappas criticized the President’s decision last week to abruptly end his Administration’s role in COVID-19 talks and urged the White House to continue talking with Congressional leaders. Media reports today indicate that Secretary Mnuchin and the Administration heeded calls from Pappas and others to return to negotiations with Speaker Pelosi and that talks may continue throughout the weekend.

“I called on the White House to return to the negotiating table after abruptly pulling out of talks this week because we must treat the current crisis with the seriousness and urgency it deserves,” said Congressman Pappas. "It's time for negotiators to come to the table, forge a compromise, and not leave until there's a deal for the American people that can be submitted to Congress. New Hampshire small businesses are hurting and facing an uncertain future, thousands of workers remain unemployed and unable to pay the bills, and families are still struggling to make ends meet. Now isn’t the time for further distraction or gamesmanship. Now is the time for action. Priority number one must be working together to get a deal done. Anything less is Washington politics at its worst and will hurt Granite State families.” 

Last month, Congressman Pappas joined a letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi calling on her to bring forward and pass a COVID-19 relief package that responds to the needs of everyday Americans coping with the impacts of this pandemic. 
For months, Rep. Pappas has called on both parties to come together and work to pass another round of COVID-19 support nearly five months after the Heroes Act was passed in May. Recently, Pappas called on leaders of both parties to end the political game-playing and gimmicks and get a bill done. Pappas has also supported the House remaining in session and prioritizing a COVID-19 bill as U.S. deaths surpassed 200,000.

On October 1st, Pappas voted to pass a revised COVID relief package that provides direct support to small businesses, expands access to COVID treatment, directly supports our struggling communities, and helps reduce financial burdens on New Hampshire veterans.